Children's Technopark


Working days: Monday-Saturday
Working hours: 15:30 – 20:00
Age category: 13-18 


The first “Quantorium” was launched at Techopark Mosgormash in May 2016 . It has an area of over 1,000 sq m including labs with a territory of 250 sq m.. Over 360 children will be trained there annually. About 2,500 children a year will take part in weekend activities, which will consist of various learning events.. Specialized subjects: robot technology, space science and geo-information science.

The course of modern space science teachs to create sattelite models using a special constructor. Successful projects will get a long-term development until a launches of real spacecrafts. The course of robot technology teachs to make robots with wireless communication and computer. The course of geo-information science gives knowledge about basic elements of geodesy and cartography.

Classes in labs are organized by professors of leading Moscow universities and specialists of residents of Technopark Mosgormash. Here is possible to sign deffered labour contract between students and technopark’s residents. Today three of these already have been signed.

The main goal of creating children’s technoparks is to raise a prestige of engineership, to attract kids to innovations and high technologies. Such model of additional education helps to educate engineers-entrepreneurs, engineers-inventors and managers of innovative projects. 


The kinds of educative programs, which are realized in technopark for kids 

  • outside lesson in technopark –  a program is being prepared and agreed together with schools  and complements a school schedule (taught by schoolteachers);
  • classes of “Quantorium” program (prepared together with universities; taught by professors, which are hired by results of competition);
  • weekend activities (prepared among other things Centers of youth innovative creativity);
  • programs Juniorskills/Worldskills, realized on the base of techopark;
  • cooperative programs with secondary schools;
  • project activities with resident’s cases (in cooperation with technopark’s residents with following their interests).