Center of Contract Producing

Center of contract producing allows a wide range of services in sphere of metalworking and metalrolling.

Using a profeccianal equipment, specialists with long-term work experience will approach an issue professionally and provide ways of achieving an effective result.

High-quality contract producing is not only accurate and unmistakable realization of your order, but also punctual meeting deadlines, active providing information about execution of an orden, an opportunity always to talk personally with a performer, to impact desired corrections and to point out requirements. 


Sheet metalrolling

Metal cutting

Cutting on a bandsaw machine and circular sawing machine

Cold punching

Cold punching of the material on coordinated notching presses

Bending on press

Multifunctional CNC bending presses are used


Milling and boring

Performed on high-speed machines with full coutering CNC


Allows to make longitudinal and transversal whetting

Waterjet cutting

Allows to cut different tough alloy materials of an thickness

Automatic and semiautomatic welding

There are 14 machines for automatic and semi-automatic welding

Powder painting

Powder painting provides a stable and durable cover, which is resistant to different chemicals and types of emission