Become a resident

How to become a resident

The resident status of a technopark can be obtained by a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur carrying out economic activities related to research and development, technical testing, research, analysis and certification, information and communication activities, manufacturing production (except for tobacco products) in accordance with Russian classifier of types of economic activity.


Passing a check for compliance with the requirements for residents

Accommodation selection

Search for suitable accomodation in the technopark


Holding an auction for the subsequent lease of non-residential premises


Signing of a long-term lease agreement for property


Anchor resident
Salary budget per year
66,4 thnd. rur. / m2
41.2 thnd. rur. / m2
Investments for 5 years
20,7 thnd. rur. / m2
10.2 thnd. rur. / m2
Revenue per year
221,5 thnd. rur. / m2
130 thnd. rur. / m2
Average salary per month
71 788 rur.
45 000 rur.
Rentable area
No less than 660 m2
No less than 10м2
OKVED Comformity
Registration of a company in Moscow